Ekstraksi Ciri Warna, Bentuk, dan Tekstur untuk Deteksi Citra Hewan

Idaliana Kusumaningsih, Sony Hartono Wijaya

This paper introduces image extraction method by using three image visual features (color, shape, texture). In this research, fuzzy color histogram for color feature extraction is used through computing the membership function using Cauchy function. In fuzzy color histogram, one color may belong to two bins histogram or more with different membership functions. Then, shape feature is extracted using edge direction histogram, where each image is processed using Sobel edge detection, and then the direction is mapped into a defined bin histogram. For texture feature extraction, the process uses co-occurrence Matrix with computing the values of energy, moment, entropy, maximum probability, contrast, correlation and homogeneity. Recall and precision value resulted in this research shows that the largest average precision value is obtained from searching process using index combination (color, shape, texture) of feature extraction.

Keywords: feature extraction, fuzzy color histogram, edge direction histogram, co-occurrence matrix

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